Hadabima Authority

Amarananda Weerasighe

Hon. Chairman
Hadabima Authority

Message from the Honorable Chairman

I would like to send my best wishes to the new web page activated by the Hadabima Authority of SriLanka.

The servicesdone by the Authority to upgrade the living standards of the community who are living in the sensitive environmental zones in Sri Lanka by managing the Natural resources carefully there for the past 40 years should be greatly appreciated.

A remarkable contribution has been provided to the National agricultural productionprocess by converting them as productive units through the conservation and development of the development activities of the Authority in the marginal Lands affected by soil erosion and degradation.
At present the Authority is under the preview of the Ministry of Regional Development and according to development vision of the new government it is identified as a positive turning point of the Authority and I believe that it can assist the Authority to find new development strategies for the Authority.

Modern technology should be used to fulfill the objectives relevant to the development media as it is treated as an essential fact. At this stage I appreciate the creation and the introduction of the new web page and would like to convey my best wishes to the new idea of the Hadabima Authority.