Hadabima Authority

Message from the Hon. Angajan Ramanathan

I am humbled by the opportunity provided to me by His Excellency, President Maithripala Sirisena, to work alongside the Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Mahinda Amaraweera, as his Deputy.  
With the Agriculture sector employing more than a quarter of the country’s workforce and cultivating more than 40% of Sri Lanka’s landmass - it is one of the most promising sectors to be developed in order to uplift the welfare of our Nation as a whole.   
Whilst paying homage to my humble origins in the North, it truly gives me a sense of confidence and hope when working alongside the honorable Minister, whose origins are rooted in the South of our Island Nation. Furthermore, having the valuable contributions and representation from the Hill Country that is brought to the table by the State Minister Hon. Wasantha Aluvihare - I feel we are well geared to develop the Agricultural Industry of Sri Lanka in true representation of all farmer communities, irrespective of their regions.  
It is my aim, to not just help boost the opportunities provided to our farmers, who toil day and night to ensure our citizens food security - but to also help sustain whatever agricultural practices and technologies that are provided to them with minimal drawbacks and losses in the many decades to come. It is essential to ensure that our farmers can sustain themselves first, in order for them to help us sustain the economy of our country; and I look forward to working with the honorable Minister to achieve this goal in the time provided to me.  
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank His Excellency The President, for entrusting me with this responsibility, and for giving me the opportunity to repay my motherland by developing the sector that has helped us lay our economical foundations, since the very beginning of our independence. I hope and pray, that we as a united nation can aim towards prosperity and sustainability in all fronts.